Whitby Attractions

Click here to see a selection of Whitby attractions.  Whitby is just four miles from the cottage.  There is a bus stop nearby which will take you into Whitby by bus, or if driving there is a choice of the park and ride, or the town centre car parks.  These do get busy and are relatively expensive, but there are plenty to choose from.  Its great just to wander round this beautiful fishing town, but there are plenty of other activities to choose from when you get there too – see below

Whitby Whale Watching

Get close to the whales A variety of marine sea birds and animals await Have you always wanted to get up close to whales, dolphins and other sea creatures? Travelled hundreds of miles only to be disappointed? Then join us and discover the Yorkshire Coast’s biggest secret! Our whale-watching trips can last upto 4 hours … Continue reading Whitby Whale Watching

Whitby Beaches

Whitby’s beaches are accessible from the West Cliff, paths, or at either side of the pier.   Particularly on the East side you need to give attention to the tide times which are available at the swing bridge, as its easy to get cut off.   This beach, which contains rock pools is also a source … Continue reading Whitby Beaches

Whitby Swing Bridge

Connecting the two side of Whitby Harbour is the Whitby Swing Bridge – now made additionally famous as the bridge Simon Pegg fell off during an episode of the Grand Tour! Check the blackboard on the new town side to see opening times. If you time it right, you’ll see it open to allow yachts … Continue reading Whitby Swing Bridge

Snickets and Ginnels

There is much more to discover than meets the eye with Whitby. Original little cut-throughs, and back streets survive, often with bizarre names like this one, beyond which you’ll discover the hidden Whitby.

The Magpie Seafood Restaurant

Whitby hosts many fabulous places to eat, and The Magpie Cafe is one of our favourites. Its not cheap, and booking is virtually impossible, but be prepared to face the daunting looking queue that forms outside, and usually 15 minutes or so will see you in the finest seafood restuarant around. Overlooking the harbour, adjacent … Continue reading The Magpie Seafood Restaurant

Esk Belle – Boat Trips

One of several boats available for short trips from the harbour, to see Whitby from the sea. http://www.whitbycoastalcruises.co.uk/

Captain Cook Museum

The Museum is in the 17th century house on Whitby’s harbour where the young James Cook lodged as apprentice. It was here Captain Cook trained as a seaman, leading to his epic voyages of discovery http://www.cookmuseumwhitby.co.uk/

Pannet Park Museum

Pannet park museum contains many finds, including a huge array of fossils found in this area. It also has a nice coffee shop, a good refuge in wet weather! http://www.whitbymuseum.org.uk/

Old Town Market Square

Occupied most days during the warmer season with stallholders, the market square adjoins an indoor market selling a variety of merchandise from radio controlled models, sea decor, to sweetshops and second hand records and CDs.

Mary Ann Hepworth

The Mary Ann Hepworth is Whitby’s old lifeboat from 1938 to 1974. During its service it was launched 372 times and saved 201 lives and was bought privately in 1989. It now takes out pleasure trips to sea half-hourly or longer if pre-booked. The boat has been seen 3 times in episodes of Yorkshire Television … Continue reading Mary Ann Hepworth

St Mary’s Church

At the top of the 199 steps lies St Mary’s church. A fascinating church building, crammed with pews, and a marvellous raised pulpit. See if you can find the ‘Strangers’ pew. Each successive generation has left its mark on the original 11th century foundation. The building is remarkable for its box pews, triple decker pulpit, … Continue reading St Mary’s Church

Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf

For those who love their seaside diversions, why not try the crazy golf course on West Cliff.  If you ring the bell at the end you get a free pass for a second game.

Fishing Trips

There are a range of vessels offering  short and long fishing trips operating  from the harbourside in Whitby near the tourist information centre.

Pannet Park Children’s Playground

Outside Pannet Park museum you will find one of the best children’s play parks in the area.  Sporting up to date equipment – and with the added lure of the cafe museum its a great place to spend some times with the kids.

Dracula Experience

Whitby is famous as the location where Bram Stoker is believed to have been inspired to pen his book on Dracula. Whatever the truth in this, the town hosts an annual Goth weekend, and Dracula is certainly on the map for some of the tourist attractions. Bram Stoker’s Dracula Experience Lifelike models, animated ship, opening … Continue reading Dracula Experience

The Arcades

Whitby, like most other English seasides has a couple of amusement arcades, where alongside the gambling machines, there are games of skill, like an indoor pirate themed crazy golf and of course donuts, hotdogs and candyfloss..

Whitby Ghost Walks

The Whitby Ghost Walk – by private booking only Whitby…a town perched between two supernatural thresholds – the moors and the sea. The Whitby Ghost Walk is rich with extraordinary history, stories of the magical and mysterious, of shipwrecks, sailors, superstitions and the supernatural, of wild adventure and impossible facts about this most ancient place. … Continue reading Whitby Ghost Walks

Whitby Rock Shops

What seaside location would be complete without the obligatory rock shop! Whitby has a couple with a great variety of souvenir gifts.

Fresh Fish

Whitby has a working fish dock, and if you are early enough you can see the fish being landed. There are also a number of shops offering fresh fish for sale, as well as the famous Whitby dressed crab.

Fortunes Kippers

Follow your nose past the steps up to the Abbey and you will find kippers on sale that are smoked the traditional way at Fortunes.

Whitby Leisure Centre

Whitby Leisure centre offers a swimming pool and other sporting facilities. Whitby Leisure Centre, West Cliff, Whitby 01947 604640 Other leisure centres nearby are… St. Alban Centre – Ampleforth The LJ Centre – Guisborough – Tel: 01287 635471 Hambleton Leisure Centre – Northallerton Northern Ryedale Leisure Centre – Pickering Saltburn Leisure Centre Stokesley Leisure Centre