We recognise in these difficult times that there it is difficult to be confident in making bookings, with the spectre of a local lockdown, track and trace self-isolation, or changes in the arrangements for those travelling from overseas. We also know, from staying in cottages ourselves, that good processes to keep guests safe are important. This page details our booking amendment policy, and COVID safe changes, so there is clarity for you in terms of cancellations, or amending bookings.

As always, we would strongly advise that you get holiday insurance to cover you for your travel to and stay at Rowan Cottage. In the first instance we would ask that you make a claim against this insurance. Where that is not possible, the following would be our approach to a covid-19 based situation:

Booking Amendments

If Sleights is in a covid-19 lockdown area for the dates of your stay so you were not able to take your holiday – we would offer a full refund of what has been paid, minus admin fee of £30 assuming any of the following apply –

  1. If you are living in a place that is in a covid-19 lockdown so you are not allowed to travel,
  2. National covid-19 lockdown so you are not allowed to travel,
  3. If a member of your party is ill with covid-19 and so you all have to self-isolate and are unable to travel,

this is what we will do:-

If the balance is not yet due, 50% of the deposit retained, 50% of deposit moved to a new booking taken within a year of the start date of your original 2021 booking; if balance is already paid (due 8 weeks before the start of a holiday), the deposit would be retained, 50% of the balance of the holiday returned and 50% of the balance moved to a new booking equal to or higher than this amount (a booking of lower value would be possible but would not receive a further refund). This new booking would need to be taken within a year of the start date of your original 2021 booking.

In addition, should the circumstances allow, we would release your dates to re-let. If the dates/or some of the dates of your booking are re-let, we would return further fees, proportionate to the dates that overlap, minus a £30 admin fee.

For those booking through AirBnB their own policies come into play. In either instance, do have a conversation with us first so we can discuss options, as things constantly change!

COVID Safety Precautions

We thought it would be helpful to let you know what we have done at Rowan Cottage to help make things as safe as we can at Rowan Cottage for your stay and to provide some tips and ideas for you to help with your planning and packing:

• We have presently implemented a minimum of approx. 72 hours between bookings, as a ‘quarantine’ or ‘buffer’ time for your peace of mind.
• We have removed books, magazines, games, jigsaws, ornaments, additional blankets and cushions from the beds. This is so that it is easier for you and for our cleaners to keep things as clean as possible. We have left cushions on the sofas but please feel free to put them on one side if you prefer.
• We won’t be providing milk, flowers, biscuits, tea and coffee as is our usual policy, but will be providing a bottle of wine instead which is easy to wipe clean.
• We are using two clean pillowcases per pillow (as well as a pillow protector). Both pillowcases will be replaced at each changeover, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.
• We have had discussions with our cleaners and can confirm that their staff will be using PPE for their and your protection, which will be removed and disposed of at each property to avoid cross contamination.
• The cleaners will be paying particular attention to high contact areas e.g. doors and door handles, banister rail, light switches etc.
• There will be hand soap, gel sanitiser, cleaning products and extra cloths available to allow you to easily handwash and clean during your stay.
• There will be a clean set of oven gloves for your stay.

• Almost all of our visitors leave on time – at or before 10:00 on the morning of departure; please can we ask that you make an extra effort to be sure this is the case to help our cleaners to have all the time they need to get the additional cleaning done.
• Should you get Covid-19 symptoms during your stay or within 48 hours of arriving home, please let us know.
• No extra guests are allowed to visit during your stay.

Holiday / Packing Tips

We recently received a helpful list of things that might be useful on holiday in the current circumstances and though we would share some of them with you:-

• Tickets/advanced bookings – You might want to check out the places you may want to visit during your stay and book a slot in advance. Many attractions are open for reduced numbers, with booking in advance and timed admission – our website has lots of ideas of where you might visit – please do check the venue’s opening times before your visit to avoid disappointment.
• Cards, boardgames, DVDs, books, scavenger hunts etc. – we normally supply a selection of activities at Rowan Cottage but have removed these for the moment – please bring books and games etc. with you.
• Check out the latest government information regarding Covid -19 at
• Face masks – as you are aware, you may need face masks to access shops/ public transport etc. make sure you have enough for everyone.
• Disposable gloves – if you need to top the car up with fuel or use a vehicle charging point.
• Hand sanitiser – for when out and about, where it may not be possible to wash hands.
• Paracetamol and thermometer – there is a first aid kit at Rowan Cottage, but it does not contain paracetamol or a thermometer.
• Picnic blanket
• Windbreak or markers – to help with social distancing at the beach or park; particularly helpful for showing children their ‘safe place’.