Our Ethics

Our Aims and Ethics

  • We are strong supporters of the environment. For that reason we provide a comprehensive option for you to recycle.
  • Our electricity and gas are sourced from ecotricity, which has one of the highest percentages of electricity generated from sustainable sources, and biogas supplies compared to other suppliers and is committed to reinvesting its profits into new sustainable sources. In 2012 we also fitted photovoltaic solar panels, so some of the electricity we use is generated ourselves.
  • We believe in the quality and environmental value of food. To that end we will endeavour to provide you with a list of local suppliers and farmers markets where if you choose you can source good quality ingredients. For farmers markets follow this link. Some of the shops in the village also offer local food products.
  • We believe in Fair Trade , we are fortunate that the main supermarket in Whitby is the Co-op which offers a selection of fair trade options. We will also seek to offer you alternative fair trade sources. (See our Fair and Local page )
  • We acknowledge that many people who holiday require special diets. We have good knowledge of this, and to that end provide ample freezer space and can offer guidance on where and what suitable foods can be acquired in the area.